Siddharth Roy Kapoor
Former CEO of UTV Motion Pictures and currently Managing Director of Roy Kapoor Films

There have been other countries in Eastern Europe that have opened up quite a bit. So, Serbia, Georgia, etc., have laid out quite the red carpet for Indian producers. And then you have places like Spain and Italy, which I feel only the more wealthy producers can afford. They don’t have very extensive rebates in place, but of course they’re beautiful to shoot in. And if you’re there and can tie up with producers in the industries of those respective countries, you might be able to leverage quite a few things that might not be exactly rebate-driven. So yes, Europe has definitely been a go-to place for the Indian film industry.

Earlier, it was a fantastical moment within the film that you may not necessarily even acknowledge was not in India. But today, I mean, you do have a lot of South Korean movies going there and shooting their songs. That hasn’t stopped. There are a few films from Mumbai that do the same. But that’s reduced. Now that you’re going to Spain, you’ll call it Spain. And the story will be relevant to that market rather than trying to cheat it with our fantasies of good-looking Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, or whatever. Whereas earlier you would just take that leap of faith because the audience wouldn’t mind the sudden shifts in locales because you’re getting to see such a beautiful location.

In Fitoor, the Poland art exhibition part was really because we had to show a European location for that. And it was meant to be London, but then we found Poland to be cheaper. So we cheated and made Poland stand in for London.

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