Sanjiv Sharma
Television Producer

The director informs the executive and line producers about the vision of the film. The locations and their management are then their task. They must combine the director’s vision with the producers’ budget. There is usually a standard operating procedure for accessing global cities. The executive producer’s job is to combine what is relevant to the script with financial management. So, if Croatia is cheaper than London, then that is used for films with budget constraints. The cost of putting up a unit is an issue; if a film with Croatia is a hit, suddenly film crews start to use that space in their films.

The U.K. started offering rebates linked to the number of days of shooting in the country; the number of UK citizens employed, etc. Yash Raj Productions has maintained a steady relationship with Switzerland, which led the country to treat the director as a tourism ambassador.

There are other issues involved in the selection of locations. In India, the law does not allow the coastline to be developed, so Europe becomes a prime space to access such spaces. In the U.S., the laws are not always conducive to shooting. Since the use of songs requires a leap of faith, the use of scenic locations becomes important.

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